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The Fundamentals Series – Drop

What is Drop? During the course of a scene our bodies and our minds go through a series of changes, physiologically and well as psychologically. The excitement from participating actively in kinks and fetishes initiates a release of endorphins, adrenaline and several other hormones. Breathing increases and becomes shallow, the pulse rate increases, and the […]

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RACK  Understanding the risks is an important step to practicing kink responsibly, RACK attempts to address that need. Risk Aware Consensual Kink acknowledges that BDSM carries inherent risk, and places an emphasis on knowing what the unintended consequences are of engaging in a kinky activity. In order to ensure both parties are aware of the […]

BDSM Education Beginners Guides Fundamentals

Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC)

The most commonly used philosophy for evaluating acceptable kinky play is SSC, and it is a great distinction for those unfamiliar with BDSM to understand the difference between abuse and responsible kink practices. It dates back to the early 80s, and is simple in its basic principle of defining any kinky activity by asking; is […]

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Orgasm Denial – The Ultimate Torture for a Man

Orgasm denial: Pleasure as torture or torture from pleasure Beginning at the end, the physical impact and mental effects of an orgasm should be considered as the main argument surrounding the theory that denying it is the worst possible torture. At the point of orgasm, the point of no return has been reached. It doesn’t […]

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Ruined Orgasms

Understanding what a ruined orgasm is… Ruined orgasms involve stimulating the body sexually so that the point of no return is reached causing orgasm. This is the point when the stimulation stops, the muscles and nerves react to the body’s natural impulses and release fluid regardless. The amount of convulsion and emission will depend on […]

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Post Orgasm Torture

Immediately after an orgasm, manipulation of the genitals can be uncomfortable and even painful. Post orgasm torture (POT) can be performed on male or female anatomy although it will feel slightly different. The body is in its most sensitive and vulnerable state during and after orgasm as the sensations and heightened activity in the nerves […]

BDSM Education Beginners Guides forced Orgasm Fundamentals

Forced Orgasms

A forced orgasm happens when a person tries not to cum or is reluctant to do so, but is powerless to stop it from happening. Forced orgasms can be a fun form of play on its own, or it can be used in tandem with other kinks like predicament play, bondage and sensation play. Forced […]

BDSM Education Edge Play Fundamentals

Edge Play

Edge Play is one of those terms that seems to have two different meanings within the community. What constitutes edge play to one person, might seem like licking vanilla ice cream to another person.  Term One: Some people consider edge play to be an umbrella term for a list of kinks and fetishes considered to […]

BDSM Education Fundamentals

Self Love

The act of masturbation is rarely understood as being about self-love – a sexual attraction to self. Rather, this solo act is typically regarded in the narrowest sense: as about alleviating tension (sexual or otherwise), or as providing oneself with a momentary sensory pleasure that is simple, uncomplicated and free. What does Self-love mean? Self-love […]

BDSM Education Beginners Guides Fundamentals Mindset

Erotic Hypnosis

Being obsessed with finding new ways to reach climax is in the mind of most of the people for ages. Recently erotic hypnosis gains on popularity and there is a lot of information on the internet on how to experience this. Erotic Hypnosis is a guided meditation, either through another person or yourself alone, that […]