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  • Orgasm Denial – The Ultimate Torture for a Man
    Orgasm denial: Pleasure as torture or torture from pleasure Beginning at the end, the physical impact and mental effects of […]
  • Ruined Orgasms
    Understanding what a ruined orgasm is… Ruined orgasms involve stimulating the body sexually so that the point of no return […]
  • Orgasm Control – Edging
    Edging – more than just getting off If you hear someone talk about edging, unless they’re gardeners they are usually […]

Want to learn something kinky?

Who are we?

Dom(me)’s Life is a group of like-minded kinky people with a passion for personal growth in both our vanilla and BDSM lives.

What does personal growth mean?

  • Bettering one’s self through honesty, integrity, and confidence.
  • Learning personal acceptance and self love
  • Developing better forms of communication through personal vulnerability, negotiation, and honesty about wants vs needs
  • Finding a better balance of work, personal, and kinky parts of life

What does growth in BDSM mean?

  • Learn more about not only different kinds of kinks, but also how to practice them using SSC and RACK protocols.
  • Feel pride and empowerment in your role; whether Dominant, submissive, or something else entirely.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of BDSM culture.
  • Take steps into being part of your own kinky community with the protection and support of the Dungeon.
  • Be a part of our small kinky family and learn from experienced lifestylers through open and honest conversation.

This is a lifestyle, not a reason to get off. This is a commitment.

Dommes are not kink dispensers, and subs are not doormats.
We are all human, and here to learn how to be better versions of ourselves.

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