Sensation Play

Sensation play involves heightening the body’s senses in order to elevate the intensity of response. This can be done through adding many different elements to create a differentiation of stimuli.  It can also be done through removing or preventing specific senses to focus attention on those remaining.

This type of play through touch works best when alternating between contradictory sensations such as hot and cold, light and hard touch, soft and rough.  Helping to get endorphins and adrenaline flowing causes the nerves to react differently, allowing the feel of lighter sensation to be heightened and the pain from rougher sensation to be dulled.

The remaining senses can also be used to incite a physical response. Certain smells can cause hormones to react differently in men and women. Visual stimuli can disorient or excite the body depending on the use of light or arousing images. Sensual foods and poignant spices can dull or relax certain oral functions. Loud noises or the absence of sound can change the mood of a scene and the ability to focus very effectively. 

Suggestions of Common and Effective forms of Sensation Play:

  • Cover exposed parts of the body in loose ropes or strands from a flogger.
  • Lick or wet sensitive parts and blow cool air over them.
  • Scratch lightly with fingernails or run implements over the skin. 
  • Blindfold your partner and run a feather in different places.
  • Use a brush for spankings and alternate using the bristles on the impacted area.
  • Run ice over nipples and then warm them orally… repeat.

This is a chance to be creative! You will find that the more senses you engage and the more variation you use, the more you will ensure an enjoyable experience for both “Top” and “bottom”.