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Sensory Deprivation

Suggestions for Sensory Deprivation Play

 Certain combinations work well with sensory deprivation; others require a bit more caution before proceeding. The following are suggestions of different types of play.

Sensual Play A Starting Point

Blindfolds are very common and easy to find and use. A silk tie makes a good start to sensual play. Without visual confirmation, the body will work harder to identify the source of touch. Soft silky strokes from the leather tail of a flogger, a feather, even just scratching of nails will intensify in feeling By slowly adding different elements, surprise becomes a given, and reaction is your reward.

Some Suggestions for Sensory Deprivation Play
  •  Bondage hoods and gimp masks reduce sound and vision well
  •  Numbing cream on sensitive areas can have a frustrating effect, especially on genitals.
  •  Alternating temperatures between hot and cold without sight can be a confusing and fun game.
  • Bondage gloves or mittens remove not only the sensation of touch, but also the ability to have tactile control.

Sensory Overload

On the opposite spectrum to deprivation is sensory overload. Overloading the senses can be paired with sensory deprivation ultimately overwhelming the physical and mental control of faculties. In a heightened state, stimulating multiple senses at once can set nerve endings aflame and send sensations through the entire body. Combining impact play with sensation play, then removing sight or sound, could have explosive results. Add edge
 play and orgasms to the mix and it becomes earth-shattering.

Go slow! Any new sensations and altering of senses can cause communication to be difficult and check-ins are required, and disorienting. Frequent multiple forms of safewords are recommended.

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