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Introduction to Age Play

Age Play is generally understood to be either a sexual or non-sexual type of role-playing where consenting adults identify with an age or age range different from their own chronological age. Within Age Play there are kinks and fetishes, as well as lifestyle identities, power exchange and dynamics. Ageplayers can role play in a wide […]

BDSM Education Roleplay

Age Play – Acronyms

Next to each acronym, we have included the *BDSM capitalisation version as we have used both versions throughout our writing depending on the context of the acronym used.  *BDSM capitalization is the practice of capitalizing or using all lower-case pronouns to denote the role or status of BDSM participants. According to BDSM capitalization rules, proper […]

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Roleplay has been used in many different ways throughout the world for centuries. Ways such as reenacting an altercation for a police officer, taking on the role of another student in class as an experiment to see how another is perceived, taking on a fantasy person for your dungeons and dragons game. There are so […]

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Service Submission

Introduction Throughout your journey of kinks, fetishes and BDSM as a whole, you will likely have stumbled across the term service submission. At a glance it seems like a straightforward idea and for the most part, it is. However we are going to look into it all on a deeper level and really pick apart […]

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Cuckolding is often seen from the outside as a kink founded in humiliation and inadequacy, but the reality is far different for most couples actively involved in it. Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving relationship and extends it to include one or more people who play a specific, sexual role within the relationship. […]

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Orgasm Denial – The Ultimate Torture for a Man

Orgasm denial: Pleasure as torture or torture from pleasure Beginning at the end, the physical impact and mental effects of an orgasm should be considered as the main argument surrounding the theory that denying it is the worst possible torture. At the point of orgasm, the point of no return has been reached. It doesn’t […]

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Ruined Orgasms

Understanding what a ruined orgasm is… Ruined orgasms involve stimulating the body sexually so that the point of no return is reached causing orgasm. This is the point when the stimulation stops, the muscles and nerves react to the body’s natural impulses and release fluid regardless. The amount of convulsion and emission will depend on […]

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Post Orgasm Torture

Immediately after an orgasm, manipulation of the genitals can be uncomfortable and even painful. Post orgasm torture (POT) can be performed on male or female anatomy although it will feel slightly different. The body is in its most sensitive and vulnerable state during and after orgasm as the sensations and heightened activity in the nerves […]

BDSM Education Beginners Guides forced Orgasm Fundamentals

Forced Orgasms

A forced orgasm happens when a person tries not to cum or is reluctant to do so, but is powerless to stop it from happening. Forced orgasms can be a fun form of play on its own, or it can be used in tandem with other kinks like predicament play, bondage and sensation play. Forced […]

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Chemical Play

Chemical play is a form of Sensation Play that involves the use of irritants to create various sensations before, during, or after play. The chemicals usually come in the form of a liquid, gel, oil or cream. When applied to sensitive areas like genitalia, nipples and anus the sensation can range from a mild tingle […]