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A Brief History of BDSM

For as long as there has been sex, there has been kink. One of the earliest images of erotic whipping came from 490 B.C. in the Etruscan Tomb of Whipping (Lazio, Italy), with stories and poems describing sexual punishment and use of pain in arousal dating back even further. The Kama Sutra, for example, describes […]

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What is BDSM?

Power exchange dynamics have been part of relationships for ever, BDSM is an acronym meant to serve as a catch-all term for the spectrum of kink relationships in one which one person is acknowledged as the Dominant partner and the other as the submissive. In any given BDSM relationship, there may or may not be […]

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Pride Month – Health care

We talk about pride and issues facing the LGBTQ+ community – about parental rights, workplace discrimination, legalizing gay marriage… But one area that is often overlooked is healthcare, both physical and mental. Mental Health Depression and anxiety are very common in LGBTQ people, starting at a very young age. In a 2019 CDC report, it […]