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Orgasm Denial – The Ultimate Torture for a Man

Orgasm denial: Pleasure as torture or torture from pleasure Beginning at the end, the physical impact and mental effects of an orgasm should be considered as the main argument surrounding the theory that denying it is the worst possible torture. At the point of orgasm, the point of no return has been reached. It doesn’t […]

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Ruined Orgasms

Understanding what a ruined orgasm is… Ruined orgasms involve stimulating the body sexually so that the point of no return is reached causing orgasm. This is the point when the stimulation stops, the muscles and nerves react to the body’s natural impulses and release fluid regardless. The amount of convulsion and emission will depend on […]

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Post Orgasm Torture

Immediately after an orgasm, manipulation of the genitals can be uncomfortable and even painful. Post orgasm torture (POT) can be performed on male or female anatomy although it will feel slightly different. The body is in its most sensitive and vulnerable state during and after orgasm as the sensations and heightened activity in the nerves […]


Loose Ends

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?Topic: Take a moment to reflect on what it means to appreciate Women, and share with the Dungeon what kinds of things you do in your day to day life that are in appreciation to Women. Also, see if you can come up with at least one more way you can further appreciate the amazing […]