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?Topic: Take a moment to reflect on what it means to appreciate Women, and share with the Dungeon what kinds of things you do in your day to day life that are in appreciation to Women. Also, see if you can come up with at least one more way you can further appreciate the amazing Women of the world! 

How I show women I appreciate them is currently difficult for me. I used to show it by doing things for them. Anything from walking the dog to installing new running lights on her truck. I used to sit and listen to her vent about her boyfriend, or take her dogs for walks. I would sweep, or clean the kitchen. Go shopping with her, and just be there when she needed me. Or I would just buy her something small. I am currently trying to figure out how to show the new important women in my life I appreciate them and everything they do. Everything I used to do requires me actually being present and right now that just isn’t possible. I need to think on my skill sets and decide the best way to show them how much they really mean to me. I do know one will appreciate special pictures and stories so I am going to add that to my list.

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