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Post Orgasm Torture

Immediately after an orgasm, manipulation of the genitals can be uncomfortable and even painful. Post orgasm torture (POT) can be performed on male or female anatomy although it will feel slightly different.

The body is in its most sensitive and vulnerable state during and after orgasm as the sensations and heightened activity in the nerves will continue involuntarily for a period of time after reaching the point of no return. The Top has full control over the bottom while in this state.

Sometimes the bottom is restrained in order to increase the sense of vulnerability and reduce their ability to resist. Devices such as vibrators or temperature play can be combined with POT, as can impact play and a variety of other fetishes.

Post orgasm torture is commonly confused with either ruined orgasms or forced orgasms. The main difference is that this type of play is also considered sensory overload, while technically it falls between ruined and forced orgasms, play can last for extended periods of time, can even be bridged going from orgasm to orgasm.

  • Make it extra hard to resist by letting them know in advance what is going to happen
  • Combined with a ruined orgasm it can add extra torture by continuing and repeating
  • Increase the sensitivity by adding elements of sensory deprivation to the scene
  • Use your tongue to target the source

Contributors: Researched, written by Mistress Michelle and published by Umlindi.

These educational topics wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication from our Dom(me)sLife contributors – Thank you MM

One reply on “Post Orgasm Torture”

POT can be used in conjunction with the power of long term heavy tease and denial. In lifestyle the dominant may determine permanently that any time the sub does get to come it will always be at the heavy cost of intense and prolonged POT. The sub will never enjoy an orgasm or ejaculation they won’t immediately regret. At the same time, of the sub must beg in order to get relief, it forces the sub to endure the teasing and unbearable arousal much longer before they inevitably must cave in. The result is the sub tormenting themselves longer but the end result still being torturous for the most brief seconds of relief.
Even if the sub would try to see if things are better by begging far earlier than necessary, the dominant will know this and simply deny their plea!
It can be a delicious mind___k that never has to end for both the dominant’s entertainment and the sub’s ever more frustrating experience that can only get more intense over time.

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