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Orgasm Denial – The Ultimate Torture for a Man

Orgasm denial: Pleasure as torture or torture from pleasure

Beginning at the end, the physical impact and mental effects of an orgasm should be considered as the main argument surrounding the theory that denying it is the worst possible torture.

At the point of orgasm, the point of no return has been reached. It doesn’t guarantee flawless ejaculation as in the case of a ruined orgasm for example, but the body involuntarily coerces semen to the head of the penis, starting with the movement of the pelvis. Starting at the base of the anus, nerves cause muscle contractions that squeeze the semen through the penis, and those nerves send direct messages of immense pleasure to the brain.

The heart rate reaches between 150-175 beats per minute during an orgasm, none of this comes naturally or quickly. What makes this torturous for a man is the physical impact on the body leading to orgasm, testosterone begins to flow, blood travels to the muscles involved with ejaculation, the buttocks that move the pelvis, the anus which preps the glands and nerve endings for a rapid-fire spasm, the testicles which swell and the penis that becomes increasingly firm leading to orgasm.

Without reaching ejaculatory inevitably, or the point of no return, the muscles remain inflamed, the nerve endings stop relaying messages of pleasure quickly, but the energy that has been built up dissipates slowly. The muscles and heart rate continue to beat quickly but without the same euphoric output as involuntary movements stop and the body works to slow the heart rate back down again.

This is torture, when the body has prepared for release, the brain receives messages to continue seeking pleasure and suddenly it is removed. Repeated denial could indeed be perceived as the ultimate torture. 

Orgasm Denial in Practice

It begins by maintaining a heightened state of sexual arousal for a long duration of time, ensuring the submissive has experienced a heightened sense of arousal long enough to cause an extended refractory period. During the refractory period (post orgasm) the penis typically reduces to half its size within seconds, the heart rate slows down cooling the body and breathing slows dramatically. Without ejaculation, the body maintains more of its testosterone levels, the muscles do not contract and the hardon remains intact for a longer period of time.

Repeated edging of the male will cause him to work harder to reach that ultimate state of arousal, taking more energy to maintain the control and muscle engagement required to reach climax. The increased blood flow to the testicles and penis over time will create an ache that can be felt long after the play has ended. Many men feel this ache in the morning as their nocturnal erections use the same muscles that have previously been spent.

Orgasm denial can be used in many ways to send signals to the man’s brain during periods without play by using triggers. Forced edging to specific sounds, locations or command words have been known to produce fluid emissions as the body has learned to prepare for orgasm through conditioning. Cock rings and chastity cages as well can be used to prolong an erection or prevent one, creating scenarios of torment through involuntary means.

This practice is similar to the act of milking, where a man’s prostate is emptied through stimulation of the prostate, effectively amplifying the amount of seminal fluid released during orgasm. While the same muscles engage and tighten, the prostate to reacts to the pressure from glands and muscles around it. It is very common for men who are repeatedly engaging in orgasm denial to leak seminal fluid throughout the day as it has been built up for use within the urethra and other channels. 

Safety Concerns

The most damage caused by repeated orgasm denial will occur within the bedsheets. The buildup of seminal fluid will find its release, often in the form of a wet dream. 


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