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A Beginner’s Guide to Butt Plugs

This guide is designed to give you the basics of what to look for in a butt plug, mistakes to avoid, and helpful suggestions for ensuring success in discovering the joy of plugging up your butt. It is important to have real toys Here’s what to look out for and why: A flared base on […]

Daily Panty Blog

Bouncing balls, and dribbling on the hard wood

There’s no reason why kink can’t be silly, or even an amazing way to stay fit. One of my earliest fantasies was playing a game of tennis with a female friend of mine who was much better than i was, wearing tight and torn shorts that embarrassingly disintegrate and expose me as i struggle for […]

BDSM Education Beginners Guides

Anal Play with Toys for Beginners

This guide is designed to give you the tools required in order to begin having enjoyable anal play using sex toys. There are suggestions for how to select toys, how to properly and safely maintain them, and finally a guide for how to begin using and enjoying them. Before you begin Selecting your toy: Starting with […]