Submissive Submissions

“The slave contract” What Happens Next

Mistress doesn’t like restraints. She likes to order Her subs to stand there, hold their position while She tortures their body with various implements of mass destruction. Floggers, whips, canes, paddles?? Not in this case, just 6 inches black Louboutin heels. AKA..the ballbusters!

Watching Her slave stand there, holding his (well Her) balls up on top of the wooden horse, laying them out there in the open for her to step on, kick, crush and effectively pop like a zit on a teenager’s face. Why? Because She wants to! 

See they’re not his balls, they belong to Her, he belongs to Her, and if She wants to pop Her balls like a balloon, then She will do it. It’s all part of that slave contract he signed, effectively signing his life, his well being, his right to an opinion over to Her. Signed and dated in slave blood! 

He knows not to move. He knows to stand there and present Her cock and balls to Her for Her to trample on, to torture, to mame! She likes to watch his body squirm as the pain riddles through him, watching his eyes bulge out right before She places the sole of Her heels on them and starts to press down, his eyes closing, the tears squeezing out, his grunts and moans fill the soundproof dungeon. She just likes to torture him. The way his body tenses up right before. Watching his hands grab the wooden horse and pull himself in on it trying to escape the pain, escape the agony of having Her balls crushed like grapes in a vineyard. Nobody can hear his screams of agony, nobody can rescue him, They’re deep in the basement dungeon that was custom built for Her. 

Her favorite part is to watch him let out that deep sigh of relief as She removes the tip of Her heel from Her cock head, leaving a deep indention in it. Watch him get those much needed 2 or 3 deep breathes before She slams it back down into him, the way he screams bloody murder at the top of his lungs, the vein popping out of the side of his neck, his knees weaken, he’s about to pass out from the pain. She knows that fine line between “just enough to weaken the knees and too much that causes him to pass out”! 

Allowing him to catch his breath, control his breathing, a few much needed minutes of relief before instructing him…

“Grab ahold of my cock and hold it straight up slave”

He does as he’s told, not sure what’s about to happen, his hand gripped around Her bruised, mangled, bloody cock. His hearts racing, this is new, what’s She have in mind? Then he realizes, Her heels double as sounds as She places the tip right at the start of the urethra. His body visibly shaking, his tearful eyes looking up at Her silently begging for mercy, starting to hyperventilate. He wants to beg Her not to, to protest this so bad! Holding it right at the tip, teasing him, slowly pressing the very tip into the urethra. His mouth opens for a brief second only to remember, he can’t beg…it’s all part of that slave contract! 

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