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I know right? What’s with millennials and their new ways of saying the same thing? (Ahlie means – i know right?)

Millions of cliches support the use of slang, variety is the spice of life, walk a mile in… whatever, and i think changing our vocabulary is healthy and supports growth is a different way. So many times i find myself pausing thinking about a word i use too often, a meaningless stall phrase.

I find myself applying this daily to the images and words i use to communicate, keeping things interesting, showing dedication and enthusiasm. It is all asking the same question though to Mistress, to friends, to all – ahlie?

Musings and expression, whatever you are sharing, it’s asking this fundamental question – do you agree? Is this interesting? Are you enjoying this? 

It’s such a simple phrase but it’s so common i wanted to address it and share – we all want to know – the answer to – ahlie?

The answer should almost always be yes, and you should answer as often as possible, words of encouragement, questions to show interest. 

Do yourself and others a favor, today, click on a like, a heart, comment one word or more, answer the question – ahlie?


These panties are super scratchy and tiny and like… totally don’t fit right, and i bought them a size too small, but they are totally lit. Ahlie?

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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