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Let’s get real

Say what you mean because it’s not a game. Although it may seem as though you are playing the role by communicating in the style you see as appropriate, you are truly playing a role.

It is true that within power exchange, there is protocol that determines the words, the titles, and the format, but only you can determine the meaning and purpose behind your words.

Often the purpose is clear, when phrases are overused or feel out of place, to hide true feelings or project a prototype. If you are in this mode of communication for too long, you become more of a shell and your words are less impactful to all.

The absence of meaning is also clear, although it’s never going to come through one hundred percent of the time, meaningless communication is received as such. There’s a why that needs to be part of communication so others understand what you want and how you want it to be received.

When you share how you are feeling, when you describe your day, when you want something, explain why, what it means and be honest. The things you don’t say are often tell more about you  than the things you do say. Be transparent and keep it real, you will get more out of your communication that way.

This was inspired by teen angst rant from a TV show, but it applies all the same. The absence of panties led me to communicate visually in a very transparent way.

That’s what made being naked special 😉

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