Submissive Submissions

The “manly man” What Happen Next

Securely fastened to the hard wood pole, splinters digging into his back with each move. The hemp rope digging it way into his chest with each breathe he takes, running down and under his painful swollen balls and back up and around  securely holding him in position. 

Each Mistress taking turns swatting at his swollen red balls as they hang there, almost like they hang that low for the sole purpose of being kicked. Each thrust of their foot into them send pain riddling through his body, his moans fill the air, struggling against the wooden pole only does  more damage then good. His back full of deep splinters as the drops of blood drip down and onto the floor. His balls swollen, aching, burn from deep within. He’s a sobbing mess of a man, tears streaming down his pain riddled face, drooling from his blubbering moans to please stop the agony, please let him go, please no more ball busting! 

Looking back at their handy work, took them less then 30 minutes to break down this self proclaimed “Man among boys” into a blubbering, whining, pathetic shell of what used to be a man. Now he’s just a pathetic excuse who will no longer open his mouth with sexual slurs to Women. But they’re not done yet, ohhh no, there’s more to come, more agony, more pain, more humiliation and degradation in store for him. 

Allowing him a minute to breathe before taking out the rope gagging him, laughing as They watch him cry like a little b****, his blubbering moans do no good. They know what he wanted tonight when he hit on them back at the bar. 

Suddenly the forceful thud  strikes the side of his face knocking him to one side of the pole digging more shards of wood into him. Helping his lifeless body back up, tightening the ropes securing him tighter to the pole. Begging for forgiveness, his lifeless body straining against the ropes to hold him up. Watching the red welt in the shape of a penis form on his face that will last for days.  His eyes open to see the massive black dildo before his face, he gasp for air but it’s to late, the massive prick has already been shoved into his “manly” mouth and down his throat, Her hand holding deep down his throat, balls pushed against his chin. Eyes bulging out,mouth painfully  stretched open as tears and snot streak from his face. Dry heaving and convulsing into a panic as They watch and hold it in place. Slowly pulling it out allowing him just enough room to breathe. Still 6 inches filling his mouth. 

“Bite down and hold it, if it falls out, We will resume playing kick ball with your balls”

He does as he’s told. Almost losing it several times, They were  nice and assisted in shoving it back in before he lost it! Smiling and watching Their new toy hold the massive black prick in his mouth, his balls still swollen  and throbbing visibly to the naked eye.

“Hmmmmm you have a pretty nice physique. You must workout! Ever had a pulled muscle? Ever used icy hot slave?”

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