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Take me like a princess

Delicate things need to be handled with care, to be honest i consider us all delicate things. There are a lot of romantic themes in BDSM, chivalry and tradition in etiquette and protocol, sacrifice and duty in selflessness and ownership, the dynamic between D/s itself is at its core fragile and unpredictable.  

If left unattended, the dynamic essentially loses that romance and passion, but i would argue unlike other situations of conflict, it will never be solved with a heavy hand. Recalling a recent story from a sub, they felt embarrassed and unprepared because they let their headspace prior to engaging in a scene interfere with it, and used their safeword with regret. What an incredible opportunity to reach understanding, pivot and use the emotional energy expended to engage deeper into the D/s Dom/sub-space. 

I have read many stories where impact/pain/discipline served to restore etiquette and mood with success, i also experienced it myself. I have heard far more stories where honest moments of crisis were met with force that cause irreparable harm to the sub emotionally and physically, and to the dynamic of many well established relationships. Drawing a distinction between these two outcomes is how they were presented – the first scenario as a last resort, after discussion and discovery – the second scenario as the first response to conflict and crisis. 

Most of the time i am a bit of a Princess, things should be just so, including most importantly things about myself. I will be the first one to know when someone is not quite right with myself and i will respond as any Princess would, delicately and with care. When i am on, it’s on, and it is apparent in my behaviour and actions. While i will adjust how i prepare and communicate according to my needs, what won’t do is change the way i will continue to treat others like the Princess they are. 

You may be perfect most of the time, and delicate may not describe you, but when you are less than perfect the best approach to others and to yourself should be delicate and with care.

These delicate while and turquoise panties reminded Mistress of Snow White, i contended part of that was my complexion – both delicate and intricate as the snowflake.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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