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Burlap and bows

Summer means it’s wedding season, time to surround yourself with beautiful things in uncomfortable situations. The “in” designs include bringing the outdoors in, many a unique hay/grass inspired decoration atop a burlap runner, you run your fingers over it but only to confirm its gruff exterior feels as itchy as it looks. Your table mates for the evening come prepared with entertainment in the form of witty banter, drinking rituals, and dance moves that combine to help find ways of leaving and returning to your seat.

You’re happy or you dread it, a party is a party and you play the part. You’re there to share in the moment or you are there to be part of it, in any case you appreciate the opportunity to be included whether it’s a bonus or a burden. Special moments have value, not because of the outcome, but because of the intention – to include you and share in joy. 

When you are invited to participate in a scene, an event, or join a group, that’s someone going out of there way to find you hoping to share in their joy. Make sure you appreciate the value, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it makes you feel. Recognize the moments are rare and how lucky you were to be considered to begin with.

These panties are made out of sheer mesh that feels like burlap, they are sewn to elastic straps that feel like hay, and they cut into the skin that holds them as tightly in their place. They are also a beautiful share of purple, have pretty bows and were chosen for me to wear so that i could share in the joy of the ritual. It required frequent movement and adjustment, and much friction, all of which i enjoyed thoroughly as the gift it was intended to be.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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