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Eye of the Tiger

That iconic track from Rocky Three, it was written for the movie and it was adjusted and recorded to fit just right. Prior to that song being in the movie, another song of equal stature stood in its place as a template for what would fit the scene, what would fit the mood. 

So often we want to be unique, pioneers of the kinky world in the ability to be bold and creative, but i have seen some of the most brilliant and powerful scenes created from applying what was learned. The participants are the art regardless, and copying is just another form of flattery.

I think what is amazing about sharing details like these before and after a scene are the different reactions, the different ways things can turn out. Our Dungeon cares so much about sharing what we learn with others, i truly wish everyone could be so open and experience the type of intimacy and openness our family has. 

Just because someone did it before does not make it less valuable for you to do it, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, or in even more consensual circumstances, panties.

Wearing tiger panties gives me a little edge, i know i am not the first and i won’t be the last to put on a sexy tiger thong, look at myself in the mirror,show my claws and rawwwwrrrrrr.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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