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Getting let out of the cage to stretch

Being a submissive or a slave can be all encompassing, all engaging and all fulfilling. Similarly chastity, as an extension, places parameters around arousal, sexual tension, and release.

The thought of enjoyment outside of submission, or control for many over time is undesirable, and can be raught in anxiety. Two reasons for this are the lack of control behind the action, and the infrequent nature of a free action elevates its meaning and status.

Giving control means giving up the choice, whatever it was, and that choice holds within it the strengths and weaknesses of every individual. Building or maintaining a subs confidence is therefore a great use of this ‘free time’. Doing something that makes them feel good about themselves, allows them to be confident about what makes them unique.

Rewards as well are sometimes giving temporary control back, they are most effective when the submissive is able to maintain some parameters or share in that reward. Sharing pictures and videos, or spending time together doing something they enjoy are one way. Sexual release is another form of reward that can be shared as well, setting parameters again around how, ensuring it is something that allows them to understand by doing so, they are pleasing both parties.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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