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D-types and their lists

There is a common misconception that Dominants instinctively know what to do and have the memory of elephants. Many make claims to support this theory, but the truth is the most involved and experienced Dominants usually set goals and challenges for their subs because they have the same expectations for themselves.

Many submissives view the detail oriented focus from D types as an indication that they are laser focused on every detail behind every move, and can instantly recall all the details, the submissive has divulged. Although skilled and very talented, Dominants are not magicians who know the needs of every sub through eye contact alone. Methodical and analytical, Dominants take from what they have learned, carefully assess from what they know, and work from their list of objectectives to reach their ultimate goal.

When you are responsible for the well being of others, simply winging it will not do. Having lists helps organize thoughts, set expectations through reinforcing desired behaviours, and establish goals. Knowing what to put in those lists is a continuous learning process that pulls from past experience and requires research to understand and incorporate what others have done.

As satisfying as it is to complete an action requested by a D type, it too is satisfying to check off those important boxes behind enforcing protocols required to feel Dominant, ensuring the headspace and overall well being of a submissive are on track, and achieving their own defined goals on their journey. If you are a submissive and you’re not sure where to start when meeting a Dominant, ask if they have any lists. If you are lucky enough, they may even show you!

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