Submissive Submissions

Panties yes or no?

i have written before about selfless and selfish.  Yesterday’s glitter task uncovered some clarity for me.  It reminded me who i truly am, a submissive.  i live to serve.  It is my place and what makes me happy.

i have often wondered if i should be wearing panties or wait till i am asked.  i have always thought the latter.  Yesterday showed me that panties are a must.  After all it is who i am.

i have two holes.  Should i wait to exercise them?  No!  Again it is who i am.  They should not be neglected, but exorcised for future use.  It seems so simple now.

Being unowned i am a free agent if you will.  i can serve all woman.  That does not mean kinky.  Geesh, no need to be creepy.  That is out of bounds, but i can behave like a gentleman before them.  In fact that is my duty.

Panties and some other things are going to be that constant reminder that i am here to serve, even vanilla women.  So i need to be ready and look for opportunities to serve without being creepy.

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