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Impact Play: Week 3

For my third week of impact play i wanted to try a new area of my body, and my mind was set on the front of my thighs. I was not only excited about new sensations but the ease in ability to cause impact on the fronts of my thighs. This was very much a learning experience for me emotionally this week, but it proved that my practice in mindfulness and good aftercare has been paying off.

I started by tieing my ankles together and laying myself on a nice cushy chair, I had laying beside me my paddle, slapper, cane, and flip flop. I started with some nice hand warm ups, 50 to each thigh, I found the sensations to be only slightly less sensitive than the back of my thighs. shortly after I moved to my slapper, it made for some nice stings and lovely sounds, I also enjoy the pretty marks it makes. 
after my slapper time I moved to my cane, this was the part i was really looking forward too! i enjoyed the fact that i could get a good angle with the cane much more easily than when directing my impacts to the back of the thigh. It was very rewarding for a moment but unfortunately it didn’t last too long.

Shortly after my time with the can i felt my glucose getting low, safety is always at the top of my mind and although i was yearning to continue i knew that it was time to stop. i set down my toys and removed my rope from ankles. i immediately checked my glucose, and when i knew it was low i put a complete stop to my play and had some glucose tabs.

after ensuring i was medically safe i reflected on my play and realized my head space going into the scene wasn’t where it should have been, i played with the intent of the pain putting myself into a good mood, rather than being in a positive mood from the start. this was a simple mistake and im glad that i didn’t get much sub-drop from it. i gave myself lots of good aftercare and made a conscious effort to reflect on my play in away that can help me grow and be better next time. ultimately that is my goal after all, not to be perfect but to continuously learn and grow.

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