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Without a snap

I realized recently when i put on briefs – undergarments designed for males, which on occasion i do wear for purely clinical reasons i assure you with permission of course – that i snap the waist band every time. It happens as naturally as breathing, and to be perfectly honest, i have no idea when i started doing it or why. But it feels sooooo good.

When i put on a pair of panties however, i typically end up using only my thumb and forefinger, pulling them up and over my hips instead of stretching them around my thighs and releasing the band. It is slow, it is deliberate and it is very delicate. So there’s a different ritual behind it that changes the way i feel throughout the day and it starts right here.

These pink panties slide on so smoothly and i am never sure where they are on me even when i touch them because they are so similar to the feel of my skin.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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