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Bridges make good neighbors

Time to move on or time is a luxury, people move in and out of our lives and our circles on an ongoing basis, we should expect it and encourage it. The things that i need have never changed, but they way i want to achieve them has. One of those needs i have is to feel connected to others, and my understanding of making those connections and feeling satisfied are closely linked.

Something i need more than anything in order to feel satisfied is security and safety built on trust. I trust Mistress without question, am able to explore and expose my vulnerabilities and grow ever more secure and confident in who i am, and what i can achieve. It is something i think everyone in the BDSM community deserves, and when i meet someone new, i try my best to establish a level of trust familiarity that allows us to feel more free to express ourselves, learn from, and grow together. 

The need i feel to establish trust is not a universal need, and i accept that. Understanding that for many their goals are expansive, i look for ways to help others in their journey. I genuinely enjoy helping others, but the connection that is shared by doing so is the real reason i like to become invested with others. If that connection is lost for whatever reason and that person is no longer in my circle, it is so easy to reestablish it. The most important thing is to realize we are all part of each other’s journey, and closing ourselves off, or turning our backs on others means it is one less bridge you will cross, and one less path you can take.

These panties are a good example of how comfortably one can be exposed, how easy it is to want to plug up our holes, but ultimately there’s a bridge we all want to cross.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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