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Something so light and textured rolling over my skin, cheesecloth i know was intended for more industrial purposes, but it has always looked to me like something i want to touch. Underestimated is the power of touch, the feeling that something is barely there when it most certainly is covering a wide spanse. 

Without light there can be no dark and no heavy, colors cannot be bright, feelings cannot be felt and words cannot have meaning. There’s a balance that we need and i find it permeates my desires as well as my energy. It is important to identify what feeds your needs, whether D or s, and how you can maintain those feelings by balancing the light and heavy moments. 

Clearly there is a connection with self care where we balance our feelings and emotions by being away of our physical and mental surroundings and responding accordingly. Be aware though, of those longer quieter times, that will soon be met with the opposite. Just at you respond to intensity with calm and comfort, you will react to calm and comfort intensely the longer you remain in that state. 

Being aware of your surroundings, feeling the texture that surrounds you at all times allows you to control the fray. Bunching that light cheesecloth, bringing it around you, knowing where it is at all times means you can spread the textures as you encounter them to stay aware and present at all times. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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