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Rubbing you the wrong way

Opposable thumbs are a gift to humans because of the ability to master the use of tools, genitals, and also the ability to knead and manipulate sore muscles in a relaxing massage. They are however fleeting, a tease, and perhaps a form of unintended denial. 

How often have you really had a massage that lasted until you were fully satisfied? I have had a few professional massages, and those are really in a different category of massage, you feel rested after, but you don’t feel loved. Perhaps this is the best ad for Findommes i could write, if you want expert release, go to the pros. 

I don’t need a massage to feel satisfied, just a good rub. Warm hands rolling over my skin, touching more than just the surface, with trust and with love. Sometimes i find myself in the shower, eyes closed, running my hands all over myself. From the observer, which normally is nobody, it would appear as though i was starring in a porno perhaps, but i am connected to something else. The need feel touched, when you want it, and how you want it.

It’s such an unknown when you try to give someone a massage – is this good? Does this hurt? Should i do this more? What you should be doing is connecting with something else, something deeper.

Apply this to your communication, to your chores, your service, however you are attempting to reach your intended partner, or even find an intended partner, reach out with the goal of connecting to something deeper. Sometimes, if you listen closely enough, you will realize when you were asked to give a massage what they really wanted was a gangbang. I mean hug. 

That’s what makes being naked special 😉

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