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That old shed in the woods

Those movies where the friends dare each other to go into a haunted house on occasion depict scenes of triumph and moments of confidence and achievement. It’s typically not a mission participants willingly sign up for. 

What i recall the most about those scenes are two things. 1. The hero / protagonist usually carried something with them for courage, either a momento, or a weapon or something that realistically will do nothing against evil spirits but gives them courage nonetheless. 2. Occasionally they recall advice, or are accompanied by someone or a thought that allows them to overcome their fears by others believing in them.

So many times i have found myself in an uncomfortable situation, a moment of panic, a place i have previously avoided and persevered through those same two tokens. The panties riding up my backside on a plane seat, my cock cage rattling on a roller coaster, those two crucial words that bring me out of the shadows and push me further each day; don’t hide.

There are so many ways kink supercedes the stresses and worries of the world around us, so many lessons that we can learn about safety, personal growth, communication, and commitment. If you are committed to making BDSM part of your life, and if you are regularly practicing fetishes and kinks, remember they can lead you in other ways to fulfillment. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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