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Winning is everything

I like to challenge myself sometimes to prove the argument for alternative lines of thinking because i myself play by the rules, am a nice guy, and generally fall into the category of doing what i am supposed to do. 

So what’s so important about winning? It’s all about having fun, integrity, teamwork and collective goals. We’re all winners when we do our best and stuff. 

When others are not doing their best, how do we continue our winning ways? If you have ever been a fan of a fledgling sports team you understand the dilemma, when winning evades teams and a sense of futility sets in. 

Sometimes it’s more important to get back to being a winner than a team player. What it means is that too often we stick with a team or a game that can’t win, in the name of fairness and integrity. Finding something you can excel in on your own, or dare i suggest leaving a team that has become corrupt, can get you back on your winning ways.

There’s a belief that positivity breeds positivity, i think if you truly follow that path you will find it is true. Winning requires you to make decisions that have a short term or long term positive outcome. So yes, be a winner, and winning is important!

These pink elasticized panties look great, feel great, and when you snap the elastics in all the right places you really can’t lose.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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