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Why do you wish to submit to the will of a woman?

I was sent this question through a post on Reddit by Mistress and i wanted to approach this from a different stance than previously i have. The OP was asking for responses from males specifically so it is a question of gender and preference and why it is important.

Semantics for me are a limit to debate, i don’t enjoy debating what someone intended by picking apart two or three words out of hundreds, but in this situation i am going to push one of my soft limits and focus on the term ‘will of a woman’ and explain why as a male i choose to submit to it.

Women face different challenges than men in life, for a variety of reasons they experience obstacles, prejudices, and fears that males will not and as such understand, approach, and react to situations in a different manner. The will of a woman is a matter of perspective, too often dismissed and devalued by the more obvious differences – physical and auditory – that i feel should be glorified and celebrated, immersive and protected.

What i hope to gain from submitting to a woman is a deeper understanding of my worth, what i could do to become a better person respecting the needs of others, focussing on becoming something larger than myself. I wish that my actions are not for my benefit alone, that there is a shared reward, and that it brings pride to us both, for us both, and for whomever else could gain from our efforts.

It may sound overtly altruistic and unrealistic, but i speak from experience. No two people are alike, so each opportunity for submission carries with it different outcomes and potential, but in all cases, submitting to a woman affects both the submissive and the Dominant, those effects can be felt and often seen by others, in increasingly impactful ways, the deeper the connection becomes.

It is such a rare gift to find a union where a submissive male freely submits to a Dominant woman, i feel it is something that deserves to be guarded from misconception. To give control freely to another is a sign of great strength and trust, the men who embrace Female led relationships do so with the hope of being accepted for their desire to embrace the will of a woman, and be rewarded with acknowledgement and praise for the value of their efforts. When a woman accepts his submission, accepts the responsibility of his well being, She provides a path for discovery, a framework for improvement, and a canvas with which to paint a masterpiece.

This same viewpoint can be applied to relationships beyond male / female, there is equal value beyond gender boundaries and traditional norms, but to respond to the original question, to dispel the myths and rumors, submitting to the will of a woman is a powerful and beautiful gift.

Each day She chooses my panties is a gift. Wearing Her panties daily is a gift. The feeling i get from being Here is the best gift of all.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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