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Post Apocalyptic Protocols

I had this discussion last night about maintaining a journal and protocols, if you have nobody to share them with.

As all worthwhile discussions do, the depth of the circumstances escalated and the question became, if the world had ended and you were the last person on earth, would you maintain the protocols for sanity’s sake? Would you become your journal? Ask yourself questions? Read your responses?

We all agreed that the journal itself has a personality, when we keep a journal it’s propose is partly to be honest about our feelings and partly learn from our past.

It struck me in this moment that i had not had the opportunity to maintain one of my protocols today. Mistress was not upset, because as She said ‘life happens’, followed by ‘it’s not the end of the word’.

If it was… life technically wouldn’t happen, and all i would have left would be my protocols. The apocalypse didn’t happen yet, so i can pick up where i left off with my protocols, and that’s the point.

It’s ok when life happens and you miss a protocol, you slip up, or don’t have it, you can start over because life happens. It’s still better than when it doesn’t, so keep moving forward.

If i were to be in a post apocalyptic world, with only the clothes i am wearing forever i would choose to wear these. They were the first purple panties i bought because it is Mistress’s favorite color and a memory i would want to hold onto

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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