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Look – it’s not always how it appears

It is important to understand what’s behind a communication. Think if what you are communicating is really for your benefit or someone else’s, or think about what communication you receive and trying to understand why.

We don’t always show our faults when others are looking. When we are called upon to explain our actions, we protect ourselves by trying to show others the best of us. Sometimes we hide things so that others see a stronger version of ourselves, see us more in control, or less of a burden.

What we see is rarely the full picture, and too often we judge based on what we were expecting, and decide the reasons behind what we are seeing. Like judging a book by its cover, we make determinations all the time about the intent of others, but we rarely know everything.

The responsibility lies on both sides, to be up front about what we want to say and why, and to ask questions when we are not sure. I do try to give others the benefit of the doubt all the time, but i could do a better job being more transparent in my communication. I think we all can.

When i put on these panties, i was hoping the strings would come undone, causing me to become undone. That’s why i shared these panties with Mistress hoping She would put me in them today.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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