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The reward and making You smile

One of the goals for today is updating my reward chart, it’s a list of possible outcomes that after completing a task i can enjoy as a reward. When my reward board was created, it had varying rewards ranging from physical pleasure to fetishes and new toy purchases.

Over time i have found the reward is meaningful for me if it is something that i know brings joy to Mistress, there’s no greater joy than making Mistress smile. This blog was born out of a shared enjoyment for the protocol of being draped in panties She has chosen for me daily.

When i can complete a task, when i can be of service, when i can make Her smile, the reward is shared whether it is sexual in nature or not. This took me a while to recognize. My challenge therefore for today, is finding rewards both physical and service relates, that i know will make Her smile.

Mistress asked me to wear something bright and pink today, She asked me to add bubbles, and it was a wonderful reward. I know that it made Her smile as much as it made me smile.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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