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Small rips lead to slow slips and torn strips

A dissolving of fabric, beginning with a small rip – it holds as long as you allow, while it moves over you – revealing more as you stretch the seams to fit. One quick tear in any place and it will quickly unravel, leaving you exposed and vulnerable.

The struggle is deciding how long you want to play that game, and how you want it to end. Yes, i love exposure, predicaments and accidental sorry not-sorry slip ups but too often we allow the same in our relationships where we repair or abandon something torn.

Many BDSM relationships begin with a torn fabric, mistrust over intentions, questioning other relationships and generally questioning each other’s honesty. What it creates to is a broken framework where both parties see the opportunity to slip as justifiable, rules are occasional and the tears at the seams that form get tested for strength over time.

Accidents are guaranteed, viewing the mistake of one becomes justification for ignoring a rule by the other. Relationships like these can last for years, tip toeing around the real issues, and trying to hold the fabric together. This isn’t to say all relationships with holes are to be abandoned, but if you begin using those as opportunities to ignore the basic established rules, you are leading to destruction.

Trust is ultimately what it boils down to, you can patch over something for a while, but if you don’t fully repair the fabric where the tear started from, it will only continue to unravel. Be kind to yourself, be honest about making mistakes and more important be honest about why.

As much as i love ripping off my panties, i hate to destroy something beautiful. If you have something worthy of repair, do it all the way. If it can’t be repaired, then let ‘er rip.

These panties came with a small rip at the top, they are too loose, and i do not trust them to stay on my body. I long for the day when i will be standing somewhere and they will simply burst open or slip all the way off my body.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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