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Slingshot submission

I chose the term slingshot to fit a narrative, but i have heard the term selective submission used more commonly to describe the act of choosing when and where a sub serves.

Something i have been considering is how effectively i apply consistency to my effort. I believe effort behind every action as a submissive is required, but it can be difficult to always be at 100% emotionally. As well, there’s a reclusive part of me that on occasion will prevent a lackluster effort with removing myself from service when i feel i cannot give my best.

This is what i refer to when i think of slingshot submission, holding back until the right moment and then applying all the pent up effort into an action.

It is something to be aware of, similar to frenzy, a slingshot pattern of submission will lead to  higher highs and lower lows. Maintaining protocols can help ensure that you apply a consistent balanced approach, and act as a baseline.

In times when you experience a need to take a break, do it. When you return however, start back into your regular routine and if you don’t have one established, start small and build from there.

These panties act like a slingshot for my cock when i get aroused. The harder i get the more i want to thrust my hips to feel the strain, over and over snapping back and forth.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉


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