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Sweet torture

Growing up i wasn’t allowed to eat sweets, sugar was the devil and Halloween was hell on earth.

I know others who grew up in similar situations, ended up as junk food addicts, hopped up on cotton candy and slushies.

The taste i recognize as being pleasurable, but i don’t gravitate to things that bring pleasure head on. Where’s the tease? Where’s the torture?

The tastiest things are the ones we deprive ourselves of, sometimes intentionally. I have cravings like anyone, perhaps even more intense. I sip my coffee large and black, but i chug my cappuccino with one sugar.  

Those moments i savour, every summer i mark the first warm day with a Chipwich (icecream sandwich), first cold day if winter with hot chocolate, and on birthdays… cupcakes.

I bought a new cupcake tag around my birthday, i am happy to show it off, and i just want to eat myself.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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