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Rubbing and tugging

Anticipation is an incredible tool, the premonition of the tease, and the denial of the climax. Looking into Your subs eyes, there’s a look, just before the clamps are pulled from their nipples, a blank expression that in other circumstances could mean; ‘oh i forgot to lock the door’.

There’s a physical edge that can be reached through stimulation of the body, repeatedly reaching the point of no return only to turn back. The mental edge takes over one the tipping point is reached, where one more tug will cause that tower to come crashing down, where peering over the edge is no longer evaluating the fall, but seeking a landing.

These panties keep me in this precarious position of sorts, they are rigid and unforgiving, they can only remain in place by being tight, rubbing and grasping at my flesh, and any tug, to any part of those strings will cause them to escape completely wherever i am like a ribbon to the floor.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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