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Being a giver and a pleaser and other BS

I like to lick vaginas.

I really really like bringing sexual pleasure to my partner but how is this an acceptable introduction? Just because i like doing it doesn’t mean i am really good at it. If i am really good at it, that still doesn’t mean i am any better at it than somebody else. Even if i was the grand puba of the clit, king giver of orgasms… ok that would be awesome, what would it say about me if that was how i introduced myself?

The reason i bring this up is i am tired of the comments about what people want to do to me. Who is the comment really for? If i wanted you to touch me, or make me orgasm, i can ask. I don’t and i wouldn’t because i have a Mistress who would cut your body part off if you tried. What makes you think i don’t have enough sexual pleasure already that i need additional orgasms from strangers? Again, see above, and watch your body parts.

When you make the claim that you are a pleaser, you should know that it’s already a given. If you are submissive or sexual in any way, unless you expressly say, i am against reciprocal pleasure, it is understood you will engage is sexual activity with the purpose of orgasm.

When you say you are a giver, you are specifying the act you enjoy the most, that need nothing more in return in order to be satisfied. This is what you want essentially, to be satisfied by giving someone else an orgasm.

Here’s what i hear / read: I will please anyone and i don’t need anything in return – which translates to – it doesn’t matter who YOU are… and that for me is the problem. If you are going to make the statement, back it up with why, or at least explain who it is you are really looking for.

These panties make me feel like a real sexy bitch.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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