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Pockets of pleasure

I had a teacher who once began the year by announcing to the class that she had really large pockets for taking all of our toys away. Well… i was thinking maybe her tight corduroy pants couldn’t possibly hold all my toys. They must have holes in them.

What if i gave her some of my toys now? Say… my butt plug, or a vibrator. I’m just thinking out loud here, what if some pockets were just openings? Reach in and squeeze an ass cheek, stroke a cock, nudge a labia.

Rip off that back pocket and oops. Ok, that’s my thought fully extended, and wishful in nature. Kinda want to have deep pockets of my own… take away all your toys.

These panties are like one giant packet in the front, i always imagine how i could grow out of the side.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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