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Stuffing my pants

It’s fairly regular for me to have to stuff something into my pants.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

Mistress asked me to wear my garters to work today and i thought, oh fun the blue panties will go nice with my white stockings, under my blue jeans, and nobody will know what a pretty thing She made me, and Mistress said, no no… just the garters. It’s too hot for stockings. Hmph, really? 

I mean i didn’t question it out loud, and i certainly didn’t undervalue the gift of hiding those dangly straps and clips inside my tight pants. In fact i immediately got hard and pictured how those straps and clips would feel dangling there, mysteriously, begging the question – what happened to the stockings? Sorry i ruined the mystery.

It did however tickle my thighs, and all day long i was keenly aware of those slips popping visibly against my thighs and caught somewhere on my derriere though i could not see that part of the ensemble. 

What i hadn’t thought about was how the straps would move throughout the day, bunch in places, when duty called and i needed to make adjustments, all day long i found myself stuffing my hands in my pants, smoothing the lace border that hung against my hips, and pulling the straps lower so they properly aligned to the center of my thighs.

It’s truly those little things that matter in the end, and the real reward.

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