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Stripping it down to the studs

This was not in reaction to, but is nonetheless a good response to an advance i received based on nothing more than the protocol and the practice of submissive males wearing panties. I have often said that my mood can be affected by the clothing i wear, but the purpose to me doesn’t change. Underneath every fetish, are we all the same?

I’m not talking about equality, it goes without saying that i believe we are equals regardless the feitsh. I’m not talking about individuality, we are all unique and beautiful in our expression. I am talking about the purpose, there’s a meaning behind what i write, a motivation behind what i share. What you see is but a fraction of what is created, and it is shown with the purpose of sharing in the excitement and beauty of vulnerability, and the joy and pride of ownership.

That’s it. 

Sharing my nudity, exposing the frailty of the human form, the beauty of imperfection is itself  the perfect display of protection, and security Mistress provides. The challenges i have faced, the obstacles i have overcome under Her care, far surpass what i have attempted elsewhere in my years of exploration, far exceed what i have been able to contribute in service.

You are all welcome to share in this joy, you are all invited to explore with us, you are encouraged to participate, but what you are not permitted to do is ignore the purpose, disrespect the bond, and invade our castle walls with your desire to burn it down. It won’t happen, you’re not the first, hopefully you will be the last.

All we ask is that you knock first, and when you enter, treat it with the respect you would entering anyone else’s home. It’s warm, we have music and friends, laughter and play, and there’s a Dungeon that waits just down the hall.

That’s what makes not wearing panties special 😉

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