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Being heard

We have all felt at some point in time that our voices, opinions, or feelings are not being heard, acknowledged or appreciated. Myself, i feel a lot of the time i express an opinion or feeling without explaining its origin. The result is that i often feel misunderstood, and one cannot feel acknowledgement or appreciation while feeling misunderstood.

The reasons for wanting being heard are different for everyone – for some it is important to be right, others feel it is important their opinion is acknowledged for its authenticity, and for some it is simply about validation of voice – the desire to be heard is universal. The reason behind the message however, is the most important element of all.

An approach that begins with explaining your reason for being heard ensures others become active listeners. In order to get someone’s undivided attention, you need to ask for it. Assuming that you have it will never end with you feeling that your message has been received.

If you are trying to make a point and are seeking agreement or consensus, explain before you begin that what you are about to say is important to you. In order to let others know you want them to understand your opinion, begin by letting them know this is your view and you want them to know why. When attempting to break through the noise and be heard, choose your moment well, find a time when you are not interrupting or explain that you are doing so in order to be heard. 

Most important of all, remember that everyone wants to be heard. Show the same respect to others, whether it is in a group or in a one on one conversation. Saying that you want someone to listen to you requires that you are reciprocating that behaviour, and doing it without being asked is the first step to earning that respect up front.

When i laid out my panties the night before, i did so to send a message. The message i sent by showing displaying only hot pink panties for Mistress let Her know that i was listening to Her, and that i heard Her. She did not need to tell me, and She did not ask, because as we actively listen to one another, our voices are heard.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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