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Free cookies from the bakery

Growing up i spent time with my grandmother, getting chores done, running errands and she loved going to the bakery for bread. Each day, one roll or a danish for desert, something that she could have gotten once a week but the experience made it more enjoyable to eat, and naturally it was fresh each time. I loved going to the bakery, the smells, the warmth, and the free cookies.

It should be an unwritten rule for every bakery that when a small child walks in the door, you keep them happy standing in the line by giving them a free cookie, preferably with sprinkles. I still love going to the bakery, i like bakery folk. You can tell who the bakery folk are because they wait patiently in line, likely with visions of cookies in their mind. If there isn’t a line, you can bet that bakery isn’t doing something right.

So how can you appreciate waiting in a line? When am i going to get to the kinky part? That party you chose to attend, that person you wanted to talk to, that group you wanted to be a part of, where you had to wait idly, and watch others, and get in line, why did you do it? You did it for the free cookies, those crumbs that caught your attention in the beginning, before your belly was full and your salivation began, if you look hard enough they are still there. If you are still at the back of the line and waiting your turn, what are the bakery folk doing in front of you? If you look closely enough, you might realize that some of them are the ones handing out cookies as well. 

I went back to that same bakery some… years later that my grandmother used to go to, across from the apartment she lived in. It had reopened a year earlier after being rebuilding from a fire. I was thinking about my grandmother and i decided to go into the bakery and get a loaf of bread. The woman behind the counter looked up at me as i grabbed a loaf of marble rye, she went into a drawer and took  out a cookie and handed it to me. I chuckled to myself, the place was empty and she was handing me a cookie. She just smiled at me and i left. I’m pretty sure that lady had given me lots of free cookies, and i not sure if she recognized me but the way my heart started pounding i thought probabaly she did. 

Those bakeries,  they put their most precious creations in boxes and wrap them in white string, then tie them in the centre. I used to love playing with those strings.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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