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Starley Se-Quinn

The concept of having greatness thrust upon you, and living up to expectations is one that intrigues me and always has. I rue the idea that expectations are something to aspire to, when so many feel anxious to do so. However, being given a larger than life goal or persona, it is often the case that we rise above expectations. 

Having things thrust upon me is something i truly enjoy… pushing myself to think a little deeper, try a little harder, overcome an obstacle is far more appealing to me than achieving a known goal. Embracing the unknown with a purpose, willingly, is a form of trust every submissive hopes to reach, and craves more once they have obtained it.

Typically in the super hero world, power is given to the unsuspecting person who must find the conviction behind choosing to use their power for good or evil. In the case of Harley Quinn, and many of the super villains, it’s all in the name of love and loyalty. The need for Harley to please the Joker allows her to push beyond her limits in order to please her master.

That’s the type of greatness i aspire to, larger than life goals only achievable through trust that i am given a challenge that i can rise above.

These sequins and nipple covers poking through my shirt were a very shiny way to brighten my day. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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