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Shiny new toys – how new subs fit in the toy bin

There are many approaches newbies will take, and there are many reactions to expect from submissives according to their demeanour. New subs are very appealing to Dominants, but it really depends on the right fit. Exploring new kinks, fetishes and ideas for the first time is exhilarating and can be a very powerful experience if shared the right way.

When i entered the scene i was told to be humble. To me this meant be respectful to all, listen intently and make no assumptions, and be thankful for everyone and everything i come across. Those Dominants i was fortunate enough to meet were patient, answered many questions, and slowly introduced ideas in a way that ensured a bond developed, and respect was mutually earned. 

There were times when frenzy got the better of me, i was willing to take more risk in order to capture more of the attention of the Dominant. This is a far more common approach and one that is exciting to watch, although it can be like watching a trainwreck in slow motion, lightspeed if it is happening to you. Learning from hands on experience, making mistakes, and asking forgiveness instead of permission. Feelings of neglect and insecurity follow in the wake of this whirlwind approach, skillful Dominants can channel those energies to offset this, but it is a difficult maneuver to steer a speeding train safely onto other tracks. 

Here’s what you need to know as a new submissive, you are common because you don’t know enough to know when you are making a mistake, you are rare because you have the opportunity to experience things for the first time, you are unwelcome if you come out of the gate like a bull in a china shop, you are coveted if you approach with manners and a willingness to learn and be open to experiences.

Rare gems are enjoyed best while on display, either handled with care or kept nearby for safe keeping. Those that are coveted have value and find a permanent place in the box, to be appreciated for their value over time. 

These panties were exciting to try on at first, had to be adjusted many times to fit right and i couldn’t wait to show them to Mistress when i got them. They are always within reach because of how sexy they are.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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