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Plainly speaking

Something i notice when i travel are the different ways people acknowledge each other, from greeting to gratitude, it is easy to misunderstand and make judgement based on customs alone. Mostly i would say these are pet peeves of mine, but i do notice exchanges within the community that raise a Spockian eyebrow from me where i think either, ‘this must be a different in dialect’, or ‘there must have been a better way to say that’.

So… where are you from? Have you ever considered that your approach might be sending a different message than intended?

First impressions are important in all forums, there’s a way to make a lasting impression, but it is a difficult balance to establish or maintain the dynamic you are seeking. Those who are more casual with their words tend to be misunderstood in the lifestyle. My communication style is very formal, it may be partly due to age related factors at this point tipping more in my favor, but i will often be greeted with sir as a pronoun. Similarly, i have witnessed D types being overlooked by both submissives and fellow Dominants for not exuding enough traditional etiquette. 

Ultimately what you need to know is who your audience is. Before i get my panties in a bunch after politely saying ‘thank you’ and receiving the response of ‘uh huh’, i take in my surroundings and understand that it’s a custom and a culture. The same applies to a munch, or a party, and it applies to both sides of the coin.

Due to the nature of our D/s world, i believe we should always err on the side of formality, respecting traditional protocols when unsure. If you really want to make a good impression, begin with a very simple introduction and wait to gauge the response. 

Either way, plainly speaking with those in the lifestyle that you don’t know it a big pet peeve of mine. These panties similarly are a pet peeve in the sense they were so formal when i purchased them, pretty bows, well made yet after one use all but one bow lost, and by far the most uncomfortable full thong i own… they were bought for comfort but provide anything butt.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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