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When you commit to change

Controlling yourself is not the same as having control, and the two can easily be confused. Lost submissives appear like zombies in the night, thirst has turned to drought and desperation is apparent, when self discipline is beyond reach. I see it in the passive approach lost submissives take with approaching Dominants, but i also see it in Dominants uncertain about Their own approach with submissives.

The barrier to achieving your goal is simply committing to change, at one point it time you what actions you were responsible for, now you are no longer sure. Now you are stuck. How do you know if you are there? If you are trying the same approach repeatedly hoping for change, or find yourself wishing others would change, it’s time for you to change. 

It is also easy to confuse more of the same as being different, in order to commit to change, you have to commit to the outcome. I will do x until y happens. If y never happens, i will try z.

This is how you control your outcome, this is how you find success, this is how you find a new job, a new partner, this is how you lead by example. Taking risks requires that you accept doing something uncomfortable, but knowing your desired outcome makes it your goal.

Take control over yourself first, know that you’re committing to changing and whatever the outcome, your success is reflected in commitment and accountability you put on yourself. 

I always wish for these panties to unravel, they are held together by two slip knots, yet they have never come close to slipping off my hips, sliding down my pants, and getting lost in transit. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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