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What did you expect?

It goes without saying what you thought of the BDSM community is not what you found, and what you thought you would like is different from reality, and the journey is something that takes a life of its own. Those are the given inconsistencies, but others can be much more easy to spot, the expectations you put on your ability to participate in the community, and your ability to develop and maintain lasting relationships. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Did you really think someone else could make you do things you didn’t have the willpower to do on your own? Were you going take control over others and expect it would have no control over you? Ultimately you are succeeding in furthering your journey every time you try, by taking risks and exploring you are further developing yourself with each step.

Don’t be so hard on others. People are still people, flawed in their ability to empathize, competitive within social networks, and you are still you. What often holds back growth in developing relationships is a failure to invest the time and research, and set realistic and attainable goals for building and maintaining relationships. 

What you should expect from the lifestyle is exactly what you can contribute, what you can improve upon, what you can do for others, what you can make take the time for. You should expect to make mistakes, you should anticipate failure, and you should strive for triumph. 

Thank the people who help you, surround yourself with the good, emulate them and show them exactly what you want the community to be and soon it will be. 

These panties make me feel all the good things that surround me, and bring them into my heart. 

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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