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Pulling away – how to manage time off

Take time off is important, whether it is a few hours a day, a few days, or an extended period of time, it helps us recalibrate, recharge, and gives us perspective and appreciate what we have to come back to. It can be a challenge to take time away from things that are routine or in the lifestyle to put a pause on protocols. Here are some tips to maintain your mindset:

Communication – This is the most difficult aspect of taking time away, feeling connected through communication when time does not allow, but you can manage by creating checkpoints in three different ways. Starting and ending each day with a days agenda and recap – include things you plan to do, how you will sustain yourself, and how you did. Switch modes of communication, if you can’t call, write, if you can text, send an email, it may come in a different form but it shows you are still invested. Lastly, keeping a log or a journal, it can be detailed or point form, but showing what you did, keeping track of your thoughts and sharing them, ensures you continue to express yourself and are able to share it.

Routine – Effort is required to maintain any routine, when time does not allow a full routine, make it travel sized. Exercise may not be an hour, but 15 minutes to feel the cardio would do. If you have set greetings, poses, etc., perhaps a picture takes its place, or a simple message. Souvenirs are common if you are going somewhere, try incorporating something different into a special time-off routine. In any size, effort is appreciated by you and others, it shows you care and it solidifies that you are still making the commitment to yourself and others.

Travel kit – Just like travel sized cosmetics soaps and shampoos, you can assemble a small bag of kinky toys to play with. Some light rope, small plug, wooden hairbrush for impact play, you can take your kinks with you wherever you go. Some may even enjoy the extra screening at airport or train security.

These full bright panties are perfect for vacation, comfortable in any situation, vibrant and keep me well situated inside so i can’t so easily pull away.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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