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Calming the farm

I can recall a time when i simply wanted more. I had found an oasis of trust and dove in head first. This is not my typical behavior, i am meticulous by nature, calculating and cautious, which of course is the allure of the lifestyle.

Taking risks, being bold and loud, i was in a place where i could let my personality shine through and embrace the idea of having an ego. It was indeed a frenzied fate that would not sustain itself. What i learned is the meaning of being humble and the difference between feeling vibrant and feeling vulnerable.

I thought that the excitement of placing my trust in others would maintain itself and my desire to be larger than life. What i discovered was that vulnerability is something i crave with or without excitement. It took a lot of sub drop and changes in protocols to reach the conclusion but I found something sustainable and reasonable.

It required that i first was shown how to calm the farm, different ways to express myself, allowing my true colors to shine through in ways that are impactful in different ways, different colors, softer and more tranquil colors.

These panties are a lovely lavender that through wearing them alone, softens my demeanor.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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