The Dungeon Journey

The Arts Week


We would like to congratulate our newest permanent Dungeon sub, Danny! Way to go! Danny jumped in with both feet and has really embraced the lifestyle. Welcome to the F/family Danny! Our newest trial sub mark is doing a wonderful job, hard working, he has really hit the ground running. Keep up the good work Mark! Both are valued members of the F/family! Our very own Lovely Lady A has been doing some amazing ropework! You get better by the day Lady A, truly talented. Her amazing work can be seen here. Lady A Our very own cupcake has been doing some wonderful writing lately, well worth the reading. Find his masterpieces here. Cupcake

Mark has done a wonderful job on the Domme Desires pictures! Check out his latest work of art here. Mark Keep being awesome Mark! Love the pictures!

Flashback to Danny’s wonderful writing. Well worth the read for a very talented writer. Check it out here. Danny

Divas Dungeon is making some exciting changes. We have selective openings for Lifestyle Domme and subs. Apply at #DivasDungeon on Kik, or stop in and say hello at on Kik.   

Compulsory Task

This week the subs were tasked with defining “Power Exchange” and how it relates to BDSM in sexual and non-sexual ways. Lots of great insights. The Domme picked this one for the website! Power Exchange

The tasks ranged from a job interview for a position on the Divas Dungeon staff, a kinky poem or song with an added stipulation(edging, impact play, ice, dildo, wax), and they had to perform it gagged! Mark was excellent and looked so handsome in his suit and tie. Danny(AKA candi) was superb in his performance! Both are hired. Awesome job Mark and Danny! Both poems were superb! 

Random Domme Fun

Mistress Michelle decided to send Bryan off to work in frilly pink panties and purple stockings, each time his cock twitched he was to draw a heart on his bum with lipstick. Each heart earned him 5 minutes with his hush butt plug with Her at the controls. He endured 30 minutes of intense anal teasing! Mark had a run-in with cinnamon oil on his balls and nipples, with added clothespins. He is a brave boy! Dannys glittery nipple pasties were wonderful! Best looking glitter pasties ever Danny! Way to go pleasing the Dommes this week everybody!

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